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That fluffy little guy was named Max, he was my closest companion for 6 years. I picked Max out as a kitten in 1990 while attending Cal State Long Beach. I have to say, he was not a nice kitty at first... He was mean and vindictive, even after castration and female hormone shots, when disciplined he would hold a grudge and come back to shred your legs a half hour later, then strut away... I finally had no other choice but to have all four paws declawed, a decision I will always regret, as it left him defenseless against all other animals. However, after declawing he was a changed cat, he was sweet, loving, and by far the best pet I have ever had. He would greet me at the door when I came home, cry when I left, and when I lay down, he was instantly on top of me, cuddling into my front or back... But, it was the communication we shared that was the most special, he understood everything that I told to him and obeyed better than most children... He would take walks with me, without a leash, just like a dog... 
On June 21st 1996, while I was working on a late night inventory, my wonderful friend got outside, probably looking for me, and was killed. The coyotes snatched him up and during my wife's search she came upon a portion of his body. I was devastated by this for nearly a year, until one day I had an epiphany. The thing that had truly bothered me was that he was gone and no one would ever remember him except me. I decided to put my computer skills to work making his memory live on by designing websites and making Max my logo. That breezy summer day in 1997 MaxWeb was born as a show of respect and love for a faithful companion. My reason for making websites and getting them seen is personal, it means that I can share his sweet countenance with others.

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