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VMS Investigative Services Inc.

VMSInvestigativeServices.com is a Colorado Private Investigation  Services Corporation that offers Video Mystery Shopping services as well as standard Integrity Investigations, Pre-Employment Background Checks , Surveillance, Loss Prevention Services, Security Vulnerability Surveys, and Undercover Investigations . For top notch service from well equipped, fully trained and certified Private Investigators nationwide, call or email VMS today.


FreelanceCameraCrew.com is home to Emmy Award Winning Carl Gilman Productions, a freelance cameraman based in Southern California and covering the world. Carl needed a site with more detailed information about his 30 year career and one that would easily allow contact by major networks as well as other companies in need of video production services. We recommended going with a domain name that would be easy for clients to remember and one that would help in search engine placement and rankings. The site also allows Carl to show some off the still photos that he has captured around the world as well as some of the famous people that he has met and worked with along the way. If you or your company are in need of a professional video production service contact them, you'll be glad you did!

Freelance Camera Crew - Covering Southern California and The World!
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currently serves up over a quarter of a million page views each month, has a 10,000+ member newsletter and a 5400+ member BBS/Forum. It was the brainchild of Mark Libbert, an avid DVD enthusiast who decided he wanted to provide a resource for movie lovers to buy this great new format at or below wholesale prices. With so many Etailers offering this product at varying costs, he found a nitch in the market and expanded it into an excellent Forum Community filled with diverse people. DVDCP is not only a great place to learn about DVD bargains, but all bargains, freebies, hardware and film reviews. With more than 5400+ forum members, and growing daily, Mark was in need of our consulting services to help direct the growth and stability of what has gone from a great hobby, into full time work. If you love movies, DVD's, bargains, freebies, need answers on these subjects or just want to talk it's a great community. Stop in and join the fun!


PEC.net Lunch Orders - Although no longer used since the move from Escondido Ca, to their swank new offices, this system was instituted for employee lunch ordering as a way to keep employee's focused on their work that hour before lunch that many times is wasted figuring out who's getting what from where. Employees made their selection from a list of frequently visited local restaurants and placed their order on the form, which was printed out for the errand boy/girl of the day. We have left this page intact and on our site as an example of one way we can help you improve the productivity in your workplace while still maintaining an atmosphere of fun. Feel free to place an order or two, while you're there, although, we doubt it will be delivered...

PEC.net Lunch Order Page

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